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Chrissie's Journal

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18th November 2007

7:38pm: november 19th 1984
oh my god, I'm going to be 23 in a few hours.

12th November 2007

2:40am: I forgive too many people who don't deserve it.
I need to start taking my own advice.

Also, I went home to Washington in order to rest and be sick in peace. I should be back in Boston on Tuesday.

14th February 2007

7:36pm: OK the snow actually did ruin my day today.
I fell into a foot deep puddle, with my phone. Thankfully I have an old piece of shit phone, but we'll see if my phone will function in a few days.
I'm staying inside tonight instead of going out for Valentine's. It has been postponed a week. This is fine; we really didn't know what we were doing and I guess now we have time to plan.
Whatever, I still <3 Valentine's Day but not this Valentine's Day. and ugh, I really think I should live somewhere else this time next year.
Current Mood: disappointed
12:54am: if you were a pill, i'd take a handful at my will & i'd knock you back with something sweet & strong
Happy Valentine's Day! <3
I'm really hoping tomorrow is not ruined by the snow...

Also, Friday, I'm in Texas for a couple days. I'm not making this a big thing.

25th January 2007

12:34am: Should I go to Coachella?
Yes or No

24th December 2006

7:17pm: january 27- camera obscura @ paradise
february 2- grizzly bear @ mfa

i'm sad i didn't go to more shows this year (no $ or anyone to go with) so i think i'll treat myself to these.

17th December 2006

1:57pm: i woke up with the power out...
I'm going to be in Washington later this evening.
I'm listening to Arcade Fire's "power out" to get ready for the awesome conditions in the state.
I'll be back in Boston whenever I decide.

11th August 2006

8:35pm: I went to the beach last night and took some really bad photosCollapse )

6th August 2006

10:47pm: fall 2006
Organizational Behavior C.LEE T 3:25PM - 5:05PM
F 3:25PM - 5:05PM
Intro to Marketing J.Boudreau M 4:35PM - 5:40PM
W 4:35PM - 5:40PM
TH 4:35PM - 5:40PM
Music Marketing R.STRASSER T 1:35PM - 3:15PM
F 1:35PM - 3:15PM
US Civil Liberties M.TOLLEY M 2:50PM - 4:30PM
W 2:50PM - 4:30PM

My classes are okay, but I'm not too thrilled for them. Music Marketing will be a shitload of homework, US Civil Liberties will be a shitload of reading, and the other two will just suck as business classes tend to do. hey, at least there are no more 8ams, jesus christ.

Classes begin September 6th!

21st July 2006

10:55pm: Drama!

29th June 2006

3:59pm: if you guys missed me
I'm going to be in Washington state from July 12th to the 16th.

18th December 2005

9:45pm: ugh, I have a mullet.
There will be no picture updates regarding this.
Current Mood: embarrassed

6th December 2005

10:37pm: Pictures x10000
college! woo! pictures!Collapse )
Current Mood: relieved

27th November 2005

9:02pm: you made my head ache, you were that great
I can't stop smiling from the Bright Eyes concert. :) :) :)
He finally played my favourite song "let's not shit ourselves (to love or to be loved)". I've seen him 3 times prior to this and he never played it. He closed with it this time, and the whole audience as up and dancing, and some kid ran on stage.

Other songs he played: gold mine gutted, sunrise sunset, falling out of love at this volume, nothing gets crossed out, you will you will you will, lua, true blue, bowl of oranges, mushaboom (with feist), the calendar hung itself, old soul song, and a couple songs I don't know (napoleon's hat and hit the switch, maybe).

Nick Zinner and Conor's parents were seated behind me. I went up to Nick and said "Nick! I love your hair" and he touched his head, and then I told him that I saw him in Seattle and it was a good show. He was wearing an argyle sweater.

The audience was sooo scene. People were taking their myspace pictures!!

Jersey still scares me.
Current Mood: bouncy

26th November 2005

11:08am: we walked the forty blocks to the middle
Since I don't really use the other journal and I don't think I'm going to, I was going to delete it, but I don't think I'm ready to part from the livejournal.

So here's the new one, and I added a bunch of people (mostly Puyallup, Grand Prairie, and Northeastern folk).

I'm at Christina Murphy's house now, and she's napping because she's hungover. I've been up since 7am because Emily Thompson's dad blared Christmas music to get us out of bed. I should be reading my Constitutional Law books, as classes end December 7th, then I'm jetting off to Washington, DC until December 11th. Then I'm back at NEU for the remainder of the week for finals. I have briefs and papers to write prior to this. Thankfully, I'm doing (I believe) A- and A work in all my classes thus far. and then there's the lovely curve that they grade people on in some classes. I want to nail that 4.0, but Music Literature is making it really really difficult for me.

Thanksgiving was weird, as I spent it with relatives I don't really know (actually, I don't know any of my relatives). The cousins were aged 24, 27, and 32, but they were all pretty cool. Hardcore Republican Catholics though. I awkwardly watched them say Grace and do the father-son-and-holy-ghost routine. My parents never trained me in Catholicism. There's a picture on their fridge of my aunt and uncle with George Bush #1 and Barbara at their Maine retreat. It's pretty chill actually.
Oh I decided to pretend I liked turkey, which is a nasty nasty mistake. I thought if I said I didn't like it, they'd freak out and try to make me other dishes, and then possibly report back to the family like "that girl doesn't eat anything!"
Staying at people's houses (especially people I don't know) makes me really nervous. I kind of really want to go back home right now.

On Friday, I went shopping at this sweet outlet mall called Woodbury Commons. I got a pair of seven jeans for $45, and a lavender pearl necklacen with a ribbon to tie, and some nylons, and three American Apparel shirts for $7 each. I had a hard time finding myself size there, as per usual, but most of the time I go shopping, I don't even come out with that much, so it was relatively successful.

I saw Walk the Line with Emily Thompson and her friend. Reese was freakin' adorable, and Joaquin was true in his role. Jonathan Rice <3 played Roy Orbison, and apparently Shelby Lynne was in it, but I don't know who she played. I didn't recognize her in any of the parts. The movie is almost a date movie, but for music nerds.

I'm going to Bright Eyes today in Jersey City! Jenn Ulrich and I are 6th row for the show. I wanted to dress all cute, but the weather forbids. It's below freezing here. It's sad, but I really really really want to meet Conor this time. He's very important and hot.

Tomorrow I take the hour long flight back to Boston. Hopefully tonight I'm partying at Conor's.
Current Mood: drained
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