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I forgive too many people who don't deserve it.
I need to start taking my own advice.

Also, I went home to Washington in order to rest and be sick in peace. I should be back in Boston on Tuesday.

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OK the snow actually did ruin my day today.
I fell into a foot deep puddle, with my phone. Thankfully I have an old piece of shit phone, but we'll see if my phone will function in a few days.
I'm staying inside tonight instead of going out for Valentine's. It has been postponed a week. This is fine; we really didn't know what we were doing and I guess now we have time to plan.
Whatever, I still <3 Valentine's Day but not this Valentine's Day. and ugh, I really think I should live somewhere else this time next year.
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january 27- camera obscura @ paradise
february 2- grizzly bear @ mfa

i'm sad i didn't go to more shows this year (no $ or anyone to go with) so i think i'll treat myself to these.

i woke up with the power out...

I'm going to be in Washington later this evening.
I'm listening to Arcade Fire's "power out" to get ready for the awesome conditions in the state.
I'll be back in Boston whenever I decide.
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fall 2006

Organizational Behavior C.LEE T 3:25PM - 5:05PM
F 3:25PM - 5:05PM
Intro to Marketing J.Boudreau M 4:35PM - 5:40PM
W 4:35PM - 5:40PM
TH 4:35PM - 5:40PM
Music Marketing R.STRASSER T 1:35PM - 3:15PM
F 1:35PM - 3:15PM
US Civil Liberties M.TOLLEY M 2:50PM - 4:30PM
W 2:50PM - 4:30PM

My classes are okay, but I'm not too thrilled for them. Music Marketing will be a shitload of homework, US Civil Liberties will be a shitload of reading, and the other two will just suck as business classes tend to do. hey, at least there are no more 8ams, jesus christ.

Classes begin September 6th!